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Публикации наших коллег

ОДНОРОДИТЕЛЬСКИЕ ДИСОМИИ     uniparental disomy - происхождение пары гомологичных хромосом диплоидного организма из генома одного из родителей при половом размножении размножении.
Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Autism Context Impaired mitochondrial function may influence processes highly dependent on energy, such as neurodevelopment, and contribute to autism. No studies have evaluated mitochondrial dysfunction and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) abnormalities in a well-defined population of children with autism. Objective To evaluate mitochondrial defects in children with autism.…
Mitochondrial diseaseDefects of mitochondrial metabolism cause a wide range of human diseases that include examples from all medical subspecialties. This review updates the topic of mitochondrial diseases by reviewing the most important recent advances in this area. The factors influencing inheritance, maintenance and replication of mtDNA are reviewed and the…
Frank, S. A. and Hurst, L. D. 1996. Mitochondria and male disease. Nature 383:224.
department of genetics ((Down syndrome)) Name Name:-samer mutlag Group Group:-8th th Course Course:-5th  
Презентация Пересыпко Ирина Украина, Харьков22.11.2012
Епігенетика: імплементація фундаментальних основ у клінічну практику Д. О. Микитенко 2012р.